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New Years Resolutions

There is nothing quite as refreshing as starting a new year. It feels like a clean slate, a fresh start, and a new chance to become a better version of your own self. But how do you make new years resolutions without losing energy by week 2?

Here are a couple of things I recommend.

1. Make definitive goals

This means instead of making a resolution that is along the lines of "I want to be more healthy", aim to make resolutions such as "I will go on a 2 mile run at least 3 times a week", or "I will incorporate green vegetables into one meal per day". This way, you can add it into your planner, and check it off each time to achieve your goal.

2. Have an accountability partner

I cannot stress this one enough. Make sure you have your spouse, partner, friend, or family member hold yourself accountable. For example, lets say one of your resolutions is that you do not want to eat chocolate for 3 months. Have your accountability partner hold you to it- maybe you have to pay a $5 fee to them, or do 20 pushups each time you violate it. Make it fun! That way you can be motivated to not break your resolution.

3. Make your resolutions achievable

What I mean by this is make your resolutions something that is actually achievable. Don't make a resolution that is along the lines of "I am going to run 20 miles a week", when you haven't run at all in the past year! Resolutions like this will not only lead to serious injury, but you will feel sad when things like this aren't happening. Try to make goals that are gradual and lead up to a final goal. For example, "I want to run 3 miles a week in January, 5 miles a week in February, 8 miles a week in march" and so on!

I hope these tips help you to start your year off fresh, and energized. Contact us at the Lavender Elephant Wellness to see how we can help you reach your wellness goals faster!

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